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Adobe Generations Prize Winner

Well this was something of a shock. It turns out that Little Lost Wolf Cub along with the help I offered to the other students on the course has netted me a prize from the Adobe Generation team.

Adobe Gen Badge

This I must admit was something of a surprise as I had to disappear towards the end due to personal matters and ended up rushing the final product, in the end though it must have proven to be enough. The prize turned out to be a year’s membership to Adobe Creative Cloud which in itself is worth £500, not to shabby I must say. You can see the LLWC game in my previous post and I suggest looking out for more updates as I certainly plan to add to it.

If I find some links to the other students work it’s certainly worth checking out. There was some absolutely stunning work.

Learning a little bit of Flash.

What better than to learn some new tricks for toys. Somewhat late to the party I know but better late then never right?

Well here’s my first attempt at doing anything with flash. PONG! Enjoy. =D

Get Adobe Flash player

To much time on my hands I think.

ProTools 10 – And it’s quirks

So I have finally gotten round to getting a hold of ProTools, I’ve been wanting it for I don’t know how long. Just to have fun and games getting it to work. Turns out the Pace License Support that comes bundled on the disk is incompatible (or at least has problems) with Win7. After much Google trawling I did however find this and I’ll share it here to help others should they come across it.

Error, missing iLok authorization for Pro Tools 10. Please insert the necessary iLok and restart Pro Tools. [430451]

Error when launching Pro Tools 10 on Windows 7…

Error, missing iLok authorization for “Pro Tools 10.”  Please insert the necessary iLok and restart Pro Tools.

– Verify that the iLok is seen in Windows Device Manager
– Verify that you can Sync/Update the iLok at www.ilok.com
– Verify that you have already installed the iLok Driver.

If Pro Tools 10 still will not recognize the License on your iLok:

1) Uninstall the iLok Driver
2) Restart the computer
3) Download and install the appropriate file:
4) Install the iLok Driver
5) Launch Pro Tools 10
Worked first time… well technically second time.
Original Avid entry can be found here.
Now if you’ll excuse me. It’s time to go play with my new toy.

Server hijinks

So I’m just having fun getting this server unto speed. Seems like I’m having problems with my DNS servers now. Bear with us and it’ll be working correctly soon.

A New Server

Welcome to the new homepage of Wildcard Production Studios.

I’m hoping to use this new website as a one stop location for my portfolio. Also contained within will be a collection of anecdotes and other little gems that I come across or create. I hope you enjoy browsing this site as much as I hope to enjoy creating content for it.