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Making Props for a Feature – Part 1

So I’ve just come back from filming a feature film (my first!), and while I can’t say too much about it right now what I can share with you is some of the behind the scenes of the props we had to build for it. The first up is a rock that is not a rock. Or, a rock that you can hit someone with and not actually kill them!

To achive this it was a simple job of some foam, silicone and paints! Along with some help from Ash, our makeup artist on the final detailing you would have walked right past this on the path and not noticed. In fact our runner did when we asked him to fetch it!


Rewind – Behind the Scenes

Hello! So with the release of Episode 5 of Rewind Edward Sillence of Zanifair Productions┬áput together some behind the scenes footage of the filming of Rewind – The Life Is Strange Live Action. It was nice to see what goes on behind the camera and what’s involved sometimes. And the atmosphere was always relaxed and fun, which I think you get to see in this.

Image link opens YouTube

Life is Strange mini series – Rewind

Episode one of the youtube mini series Rewind, based on the hit game Life is Strange is now available to view.

Some comments about my part in this production. I was originally brought in to help as an advisor on the audio side of things. Decided I’d go along to the main day of recording where the bulk of the footage was recorded on a Saturday and ended up having to fill in for crew who couldn’t make it. As a result I ended up camera opping and doing a lot of the prep. Now I’m not a camera guy, I know enough to help out but in this case it was left in my hands. As a result there are some less then stellar shots and some where the focus isn’t right. As for audio I wasn’t involved in the post production editing of it, wish I was as I feel I could have tightened up the audio and given a more coherent picture, as it is Louis (project lead/male lead) actually did a rather good job given his experience in the field and took on what advice I was able to give him. Here is to working together on the rest of the production!