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Aliens Killing Floor Released


The AKF Aliens Killing Floor mod is finally here. It’s taken nearly two years. Hemi, Marco, Braindead and myself are proud to finally release it. Have at Aliens Fans. It’s one hell of a ride.

Download can be found @ http://www.mostimpressive.nl/AKF

Plug: Artist – Nickolas Kirschner

So I thought I’d share with you a friends new website. Nickolas Kirschner, has produced some stunning work and has got himself a new website. So why not check it out and spread the love.


You can also find him on Deviant Art and Twitter.

He also has a web comic he draws in his spare time. Yes, you heard right, apparently he has time to spare. Madness…

Brain Dead

You might even start to see some of his work featured on my website in the future as well. Be sure to tell him I sent you. 😉

Retrospect – Graphics for a Band

Why all the Graphics work? I was approached by a Devon based band by the name of Brace For A Fall who asked if I could digitise a picture that had been drawn for them and during the process clean it up. Not a major task.

The image was given to me on an A3 piece of tracing paper, already inked. I scanned the image into the computer and used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize (is that a word?) the image so that it could be resized with ease. After some clean up the image was ready to pass on.

The band were happy with the work.
I confirmed to myself that graphics work is not something I wish to go into as much fun as I have doodling and creating pieces for my own amusement. Having to ‘work’ is not fun. =P I’ll stick at the audio work I think.

Business Card

A business card and letter head for none other than my father and his new business venture, the client being my father helped somewhat as it meant I had the client sat with me while I worked meaning that I did not have to prep multiple proofs from a brief. This was some simple Photoshop work as like father like son, my father prefers simple and elegant over flashy and gaudy.

This is the finished and approved business card, as per my client’s instructions. As I stated in my previous post about graphics work. I don’t think I could do this for a living but it is another skill I process and will always help to keep it in use.

Digital Graffiti

I’ve always been a fan of Zombies, so when Valve Software released Left4Dead I have had a lot of fun since release blasting away at the undead. Given that it’s a four player co-op game it stands to reason that several of us started to get a banter going. Now as you play through the game you probably have seen and maybe even read some of the graffiti scattered around. So as a bit of fun I thought I’d include some custom graffiti of my own for our maps. Self indulgent maybe, but a bit of fun none the less.