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Building a set… yes a set.

I call it a set but what it really is another element to my workshop of wonders, my version of a man cave, my lair. It’s also a set though, I’ve started doing the occasional retro Let’sPlay of older games.


You can catch the first episode here. In this one I’m playing the Super Nintendo and playing some Starwing.

Female Fleshpound goes public beta


Overtime you’ve grown stronger; we gained access to weapons cache’s, upgraded gear, developed new tech and even found lost artifacts of power to counter the endless waves of clones. Well we weren’t the only ones who’ve been upgrading. Kevin has been busy, he’s brought something new along, oh it’s happened before, you know him as the Husk, and you know how to deal with him. This time though, this time it’s different. Refined technology to counter a unrefined nature, a temper that out matches even the Fleshpounds berzerker rage. Once that switch is flipped even a raging fleshpound runs for cover. Funny, those two may have made a cute couple had things been different. Well I hope your new toys are up to the job because she isn’t going to hold back.
– Trader just before last orders.
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Aliens Killing Floor Released


The AKF Aliens Killing Floor mod is finally here. It’s taken nearly two years. Hemi, Marco, Braindead and myself are proud to finally release it. Have at Aliens Fans. It’s one hell of a ride.

Download can be found @ http://www.mostimpressive.nl/AKF

Adobe Generations Prize Winner

Well this was something of a shock. It turns out that Little Lost Wolf Cub along with the help I offered to the other students on the course has netted me a prize from the Adobe Generation team.

Adobe Gen Badge

This I must admit was something of a surprise as I had to disappear towards the end due to personal matters and ended up rushing the final product, in the end though it must have proven to be enough. The prize turned out to be a year’s membership to Adobe Creative Cloud which in itself is worth ¬£500, not to shabby I must say. You can see the LLWC game in my previous post and I suggest looking out for more updates as I certainly plan to add to it.

If I find some links to the other students work it’s certainly worth checking out. There was some absolutely stunning work.

Little Lost Wolf Cub

So it has been a little time since my last post, a few things going on but nothing website worthy. Well as you may have seen in previous posts an experiment or two with Flash here is another, shall we say, beta version of a game. Click the image below to open up a new window.

Menu Image of LLWC

I hope you enjoy this little bit of the game. I think I will get around to expanding and making more levels and improving the overall quality. If you are an artist and would like to get involved then get in touch. ^^

Also I didn’t have time to implement it, here is some music to play while the game is running. A little something by Jason Harding.

This is Whisky signing off.

Learning a little bit of Flash.

What better than to learn some new tricks for toys. Somewhat late to the party I know but better late then never right?

Well here’s my first attempt at doing anything with flash. PONG! Enjoy. =D

Get Adobe Flash player

To much time on my hands I think.

Part Video Editing, Part Coding

Once again I’m playing around in TWI‘s Killing Floor. This time I put together a video in Autodesk 3DSMax and Adobe Premiere as a practice project as I hadn’t done much animating in 3DSMax. I also put together the sound effects for the video.

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Digital Graffiti

I’ve always been a fan of Zombies, so when Valve Software released Left4Dead I have had a lot of fun since release blasting away at the undead. Given that it’s a four player co-op game it stands to reason that several of us started to get a banter going. Now as you play through the game you probably have seen and maybe even read some of the graffiti scattered around. So as a bit of fun I thought I’d include some custom graffiti of my own for our maps. Self indulgent maybe, but a bit of fun none the less.

Additional Props

Two University students working on a project approached me and requested that I produce some props for a game they are developing within the HPL engine. The HPL engine is best known for the Frictional Games Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

I’ve included some renders of a couple of the models that were requested.

Some More 3D Modelling

Audio work has been somewhat slow of late, so I’ve been working on some more assests for the KillingFloor Aliens mod. I’d like to present our old friend – the good old facehugger, I had fun with the making of this particular model. Rigging and animation was fun as well.

This model will be feature in the KillingFloor:Aliens mod. And trust me, it makes things go crazy!

Screenshot of 3DMax Facehugger