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Little Lost Wolf Cub

So it has been a little time since my last post, a few things going on but nothing website worthy. Well as you may have seen in previous posts an experiment or two with Flash here is another, shall we say, beta version of a game. Click the image below to open up a new window.

Menu Image of LLWC

I hope you enjoy this little bit of the game. I think I will get around to expanding and making more levels and improving the overall quality. If you are an artist and would like to get involved then get in touch. ^^

Also I didn’t have time to implement it, here is some music to play while the game is running. A little something by Jason Harding.

This is Whisky signing off.

Learning a little bit of Flash.

What better than to learn some new tricks for toys. Somewhat late to the party I know but better late then never right?

Well here’s my first attempt at doing anything with flash. PONG! Enjoy. =D

Get Adobe Flash player

To much time on my hands I think.