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Composition Experiment

So I’ve not done a lot of composition work, I mean I’ve played with ChromaKey once or twice but that is all. I wanted to take a 3D asset, animate it and put it into some footage. So I did just that. Check out the video below and see how I did it after the jump.

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Adobe Generations Prize Winner

Well this was something of a shock. It turns out that Little Lost Wolf Cub along with the help I offered to the other students on the course has netted me a prize from the Adobe Generation team.

Adobe Gen Badge

This I must admit was something of a surprise as I had to disappear towards the end due to personal matters and ended up rushing the final product, in the end though it must have proven to be enough. The prize turned out to be a year’s membership to Adobe Creative Cloud which in itself is worth £500, not to shabby I must say. You can see the LLWC game in my previous post and I suggest looking out for more updates as I certainly plan to add to it.

If I find some links to the other students work it’s certainly worth checking out. There was some absolutely stunning work.

Video Intro

So here’s the final Video intro for some of my work. Complete with audio. I ended up changing the font and shortening the sequence by a couple of seconds. Given my limited amount of practice in AE I think I did rather well. What did you think?

Video Intro – Idea

So I’ve created a little intro for myself and videos I make that are not related to either the Wolf Pack Clan or  Wildcard Production Studios. I don’t do much with Adobe After Effects so my first pass is a little shaky, when I’ve finished it I’ll upload it. Sound to follow.

Retrospect – Graphics for a Band

Why all the Graphics work? I was approached by a Devon based band by the name of Brace For A Fall who asked if I could digitise a picture that had been drawn for them and during the process clean it up. Not a major task.

The image was given to me on an A3 piece of tracing paper, already inked. I scanned the image into the computer and used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize (is that a word?) the image so that it could be resized with ease. After some clean up the image was ready to pass on.

The band were happy with the work.
I confirmed to myself that graphics work is not something I wish to go into as much fun as I have doodling and creating pieces for my own amusement. Having to ‘work’ is not fun. =P I’ll stick at the audio work I think.

Sneak Preview at a Work In Progress

I’ve been working on a side project of late with some friends to create a Dead Space Killing Floor cross over. It’s as crazy as it sounds I assure you. To promote it a bit and show off some of the work I decided to do what I like best and start putting a video together. Here is a sneak peak at an early pass of the intro.

Business Card

A business card and letter head for none other than my father and his new business venture, the client being my father helped somewhat as it meant I had the client sat with me while I worked meaning that I did not have to prep multiple proofs from a brief. This was some simple Photoshop work as like father like son, my father prefers simple and elegant over flashy and gaudy.

This is the finished and approved business card, as per my client’s instructions. As I stated in my previous post about graphics work. I don’t think I could do this for a living but it is another skill I process and will always help to keep it in use.

ADR for Student Film

ADR for a student film named Justice in Hollywood. Jon Bond and cast made this one an enjoyable experience.

Full video can be found here.