Part Video Editing, Part Coding

Once again I’m playing around in TWI‘s Killing Floor. This time I put together a video in Autodesk 3DSMax and Adobe Premiere as a practice project as I hadn’t done much animating in 3DSMax. I also put together the sound effects for the video.

The Project itself was to write a mutator to allow users to use a skin another modder had created. Unfortunately if you were to follow his instructions you’d end up have version mismatches and be unable to join servers. In keeping with the original intention of his mod I wrote a simple mutator that would allow you use this skin without resulting in mismatches. This works online aswell, server admins just need to run the mutator.

To Install just drop files into the C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonkillingfloorSystem folder. You’re done.
Turn mutator on from options window.
Server Admin, repeat the above and add ?mutator=MutExecutioner.MutExecutioner to your startup line.

Downloads – Please link back to this site or the TWI boards where possible please.
Mirror 1 –…xecutioner.rar
Mirror 2 –


Q.What is it’s stats? Damage, mag size, cost etc.
A. Identical to the Handcannon, it’s only a reskin.

Q.How do I put it in CustomShop or ServerPerks shop?
A.It is the handcannon, so you’ll need the KFMOD.deaglepickup and KFMOD.dualdeaglepickup line.

Q.Why didn’t you make it a whole new weapon?
A. Because that would not be in keeping with ButterBiscuit’s original intentions when he released the texture. It was also my intention to keep it as simple as possible.

Q.Is it Whitelisted?/When will it be Whitelisted?
A. It is not whitelisted. If nobody reports any problems then I shall submit it to be whitelisted.

Q. Why did you write this mod?
A. Because after seeing the texture in game I fell in love with it and felt a dead pictureless mod thread needed some much needed love. It was also practice another mod I’m working on.

UnrealScript and C++ is interesting and confusing at the same time. Here is the source code if anyone is interested.

// Executioner - Deagle reskin
// Written by Whisky
// Original Textures by ButterBuscuit & TWI

class MutExecutioner extends Mutator;

#exec obj load file="Executioner_T.utx" PACKAGE=MutExecutioner

simulated function PostBeginPlay()
	class'Deagle'.default.ItemName = "Executioner";
    class'DeaglePickup'.default.ItemName = "Executioner";
    class'DeaglePickup'.default.ItemShortName = "Executioner";
    class'DeaglePickup'.default.PickupMessage = "You found an Executioner.";
    class'Deagle'.default.skins[0] = Combiner'MutExecutioner.deagle_cmb';
	class'Deagle'.default.TraderInfoTexture = Texture'MutExecutioner.ExecutionerSingle';

    class'DualDeagle'.default.ItemName = "Executioners";
    class'DualDeaglePickup'.default.ItemName = "Executioners";
    class'DualDeaglePickup'.default.ItemShortName = "Executioners";
    class'DualDeaglePickup'.default.PickupMessage = "You found another Executioner.";
    class'DualDeagle'.default.skins[0] = Combiner'MutExecutioner.deagle_cmb';
    class'DualDeagle'.default.TraderInfoTexture = Texture'MutExecutioner.ExecutionerDual';

     FriendlyName="Gold 'Executioner' HandCannon Mutator"
     Description="Reskins the HandCannon into the Executioners. - Texture by ButterBiscuit "


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