One Last Killing Floor Project : Female Fleshpound

Here we go folks, I know I said I was moving onto other things and bringing the KF Modding to a close but there was one project I wanted to finish off as it had perked my interested. It started with this picture.

Female FleshPound

Concept Art of Female FleshPound – Hipnox

Posted in the Tripwire Interactive Forums by the user Hipnox. What really caught my attention though was it evolved past a concept art and into something more. More after the jump.

Hipnox decided to see how far he could take this and suffice to say the results made me start paying attention. I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t expected such a quality model and texture job to have come from this.

FFP Render

Female Flesh Pound Render – Hipnox

After getting to this point he hit a stumbling block, he had made all this in Blender, while a very good open source program Blender does have it’s own problems, in particular the ActorX export script doesn’t work very well. And no matter what he tried he couldn’t get it into the game. This is where I come into play, after watching his progress I felt his pain when he hit this point, so I offered to help him out by getting the model from Blender, into 3DSMax which has a much more suitable ActorX exporter. As a result some information was lost but enough remained to get us to the next stage.

You can download v0.1b here. Keep in mind this is only a prototype and is borrowing heavily from the existing KF FleshPound.

Now what we need is the following:

  • New Rig
  • Full Set of Animations
  • Sounds
  • Expanded Functionality

If you think you can help then please get in touch and lets give the KF universe something new to play with.

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