Killing Floor : Dead Space – A Wolf Pack Clan Mod

Here is the final version of that video I previewed a couple of posts back. Video is a collection of footage from in game and 3D animated scenes in 3DSMax. Final editing was completed in Adobe Premier. It’s purpose is to promote a new mod the Wolf Pack Clan had created. It was also an effective way to prevent people passing off our work as their own.

The mod itself is based off of EA’s Dead Space universe and features a collection of new zeds remodelled as necromorphs, collection of weapons both cannon to the games and some expanded. New player skins and perks to really get into the feel of DeadSpace. The mod is currently being ran on this server.

Thanks goes to WPC Members

HalfDemon – Script
Katt – Gameplay Footage
Kawa – Gameplay Footage
Hemi & ForrestMarkX – Creating the Mod


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