Female Fleshpound goes public beta


Overtime you’ve grown stronger; we gained access to weapons cache’s, upgraded gear, developed new tech and even found lost artifacts of power to counter the endless waves of clones. Well we weren’t the only ones who’ve been upgrading. Kevin has been busy, he’s brought something new along, oh it’s happened before, you know him as the Husk, and you know how to deal with him. This time though, this time it’s different. Refined technology to counter a unrefined nature, a temper that out matches even the Fleshpounds berzerker rage. Once that switch is flipped even a raging fleshpound runs for cover. Funny, those two may have made a cute couple had things been different. Well I hope your new toys are up to the job because she isn’t going to hold back.
– Trader just before last orders.


New custom ZED for Killing Floor. A Female Fleshpound, she isn’t simply a a reskin, she has custom behavour and values to set her apart from the Fleshpound. She may be weaker, yet she is faster and a damn sight more pissed off.

Behavour –

  • She rages from damage > 300, but only if received from a single hit.
  • She rages from any hit, if her health dropped below 50% (75% on Sui/HoE). Just like Scrake.
  • She calms down only after hitting her enemy (zeds and blocking players excluding).
  • On Hard difficulty and below, her rage stops even if she missed the hit (player managed to evade it).
  • On Suicidal, she calms down only if hit was successful (enemy took a damage). Like Super FP.
  • On HoE she calms down only after killing the enemy.

Spawns –

  • Long Game – Waves 6-10
  • Med Game – Waves 4-7
  • Short Game – Wave 4

Base Stats (Normal Game)

Health – Body 1100 | Head 600 
Health Scaling +30% per player
Damage – 30
Movement speed 140 | Raged 322


Original Threads:
2DArtwork : http://forums.tripwireinteractive.co…ad.php?t=49120
General Modding : http://forums.tripwireinteractive.co…ad.php?t=86574


Hipnox – original concept, 3d assets, texture and animations
Whisky aka Gartley – asset management, sound & scripting
Poosh – scripting
Special thanks to ScaryGhost and Marco

Current Status

BETA v0.75
Released for public testing under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license
This means we are after your feedback; balancing, bugs, glitches etc.


Download Female Fleshpound v0.75


Download and install to your …\steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor\ directory.
Select the game type Killing Floor
From mutators select Add Female Fleshpound
Launch game and enjoy. (Remember to come back and let us know what you think.)

Sandbox Code:


Known Issues

  • Nearly all sounds are place holders.
  • Some animations have not been completed; expect some log spam in that regard.
  • Players that don’t have the karma data installed will see the FFP disappear when she dies, this is because there is no fall back death animation. This will be most evident on servers when players join and download the files from the server.
  • Ragdoll is temperamental.

If you find any more please let us know.

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