Episode 3 of ‘Rewind’ – Life is Strange Live Action

Hello again folks,

Episode 3 of the live action Life is Strange “Rewind” is now live. Check it out below.

Now this was an interesting shoot for me. On the heels of a massive hardware failure and no sleep to one of our longest days. I can’t believe I actually miss those kind of jobs. Zero sleep, lots to do in a short time. Anyway, this one was shot over two weekends, with the final weekend involving a very long day when tired. Met some new actors and even had an appearance in the episode myself! Best bit was I got to spend some time recording some soundscape, something I don’t get to do all that often these days.

Field recording

That’s me, in my car, in the dark, on an industrial estate, nothing dodgy here, move along.

Next time though I’d like a touch more time to work on the audio, I think I could have done more with the time. But I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Learning a lot about the cameras as well. My lights are getting put to use as well which I’m pleased about.

production still

This production went a lot smoother for me as I had a few bodies to help me out. Jim and Ed came along to do some behind the scene stuff. And I managed to wrangle Jim in to camera opping. Which took some of the pressure off me.

Now I’m looking forward to the next episode! Although Louis wants to do something with a baseball bat… hmm. Not sure that’s going to end well…

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