Composition Experiment

So I’ve not done a lot of composition work, I mean I’ve played with ChromaKey once or twice but that is all. I wanted to take a 3D asset, animate it and put it into some footage. So I did just that. Check out the video below and see how I did it after the jump.

Get an idea, set up the camera and do some quick maths. Yes, maths. It’s for setting up the scene in 3DSMax, with out it we have to do a lot more faffing about then is needed.math00000.00_00_05_07.Still001


Luckily I already had my asset ready from a previous project! Say hello to a much improved Facehugger.

Added the animation and lights, took a while to get my rendering settings right. It’s been a while since I did any 3D work. After alot of experimenting I had 3 outputs. My diffusion, specular and shadows. Mostly this was trying to remember how to do things.


Then it’s into After Effects to see what we can do. Take some recorded footage to put the composition in, add the layers with some masks. Play with the effects (the shadows and blur were hard to get right) Big learning curve here but not to bad.

Render just comp and export audio to ProTools for some sound design, a quick bit of improvised recording (scratching my desk and letting my arm drop mostly) we have some sounds. (Added reverb and automation for the spatial elements.)

Then to Premiere for the final assembly of footage, audio and composition + some fx (motion blur and colour grading mostly) and RENDER!


Over all I’m rather pleased with the result. I think the shadows could be better. They were hard to get right. Also the lighting on the facehugger makes it stand out to much still. Although I must say I had a lot of fun doing this. Will have to play some more I think.

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