Retrospect – Nerf Mod

For a costume a pistol that looked a bit different then a conventional pistol. I’d seen some toy pistols that would look the part if it were not for the colour of them. Easily rectified. The design brief was that it needed to be of a Steampunk image. Steampunk is a fantasy setting in which technology developed along the steam route as opposed to our reality in which electricity came to being.¬†Google¬†provided more than enough reference material.

Step 1: Find your starting point.

For me this was the Nerf N-Force Maverick. This had an interesting design, revolver in function but no barrel to speak of, rather the revolver was the barrel.
But it is a rather yellow.

Step 2: Dismantle in preparation for respray

Simple enough to take apart, just remember what goes where.

Step 3: Prep and undercoat.
As there was some unwanted elements to the weapon (“Made in China”,”Nerf” etc) they had to come off, so sand paper was used to remove these and then prep the surface to help the spray paint take.
Two coats of a black spray was used to provide the undercoat.

Step 4: Painting

Using masking tape to mask off the areas, I sprayed the gun in different stages to get all the colours down.

Step 5: Details/Touch up

To add some character to the gun I made up some details to go with it.
The pendent was an old badge of mine and the logo was from an online comic I read. (FreakAngels) The final stage was just touching up the paintwork and adding some small details such as the screws. Reassemble and we get something like this:
PhotobucketWhy did I upload this you ask? Well no harm in showing off different skills now is there?



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