Monthly Archives: October 2015

Episode 2 of Life is Strange Live Action

Hey folks, that’s right. The second part of the live action adaptation of Life is Strange – REWIND is now live to view on YouTube.

Again I was involved quite a bit in this one. About half of this episode has me on the camera and I was given the chance to do some work in post to tweak the audio. Your typical problems, imbalance, too much noise, the lack of noise, “What the hell happened to their mic?! I’ll have to try and use another source!” etc.

But it was fun and I got to go out and capture some more ambiance, something I don’t get to do a lot of these days.

Even ProTools got a dusting off.

Building a set… yes a set.

I call it a set but what it really is another element to my workshop of wonders, my version of a man cave, my lair. It’s also a set though, I’ve started doing the occasional retro Let’sPlay of older games.


You can catch the first episode here. In this one I’m playing the Super Nintendo and playing some Starwing.