Monthly Archives: October 2013

Female Fleshpound almost out of BETA

Just a small post;

So far the female fleshpound has been well received, with only a handful of updates to go she’s almost out of beta.

You can download her from our Mod DB page (Help us get to the top 100 or even just the top 10%)

Female Fleshpound

or alternatively from the Steam workshop or TWI page.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

On Tour with Lee Mead

So I had the opportunity to go on tour for a couple of weeks working with Lee Mead in the capacity of Front of House engineer for him and his band. Everything went smoothly and with no hiccups. From the Isle of Wight to Morecambe, Lee performed in multiple venues performing musical classics. Gracing the stage with him was his friend Robyn who performed a couple of numbers as well as a duet with Lee.

I even cracked out the soldering iron while on the road to repair a phone while traveling at 70mph.


On a side note, I returned to my town of birth before the start of the tour to do a RATPACK tribute act.


All in all everything went well. Got back from the last gig in Cheltenham at 1am, not to bad, except I had to be at the Princess Theatre for a load in for a musical at 7am. Suffice to say, I’m a bit tired as I write this. It’s all fun and games though. Can’t wait to see what happens next.