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Female Fleshpound goes public beta


Overtime you’ve grown stronger; we gained access to weapons cache’s, upgraded gear, developed new tech and even found lost artifacts of power to counter the endless waves of clones. Well we weren’t the only ones who’ve been upgrading. Kevin has been busy, he’s brought something new along, oh it’s happened before, you know him as the Husk, and you know how to deal with him. This time though, this time it’s different. Refined technology to counter a unrefined nature, a temper that out matches even the Fleshpounds berzerker rage. Once that switch is flipped even a raging fleshpound runs for cover. Funny, those two may have made a cute couple had things been different. Well I hope your new toys are up to the job because she isn’t going to hold back.
– Trader just before last orders.
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Princess Theatre and Sterts Arts Centre

Well, I said I was hoping I’d be working in the Princess Theatre again, I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Not that I’m complaining mind. This time it was for two tribute acts, BeeGees and ABBA. Pretty much a standard affair, lots of glam and glitter, just the way the punters like it. Oh, and big inflatable platforms!

Appears I’m having some technical issues regarding media atm. Pictures will be following shortly.

Sterts was a little different, although just as professional and friendly. A smaller affair, it’s an open air auditorium that has had a cover fitted, think a big tent. A natural reverb chamber, great for drama, not so much for music. Oh well, you work with what you’ve got and even if I do say so myself, I did a great job.

That’s some more work and more gigs under the belt. Taken nearly 10 years to get regular respectable work as a sound engineer (that pays) but it paid off in the end.

A foot in the door.

Well last weekend was fun, was out having lunch with a friend when I get a call: “What are you doing?” I was asked? To which I replied, “What? Right now?” It was the boss, he’d received a phone call for a last minute gig. He was working else where and needed a FoH engineer, so he gave me a call.

The gig was at the Princess Theatre, a venue I had been looking at trying to get into for a while now. And as luck would have it, a gig landed on my lap. It was a bit of a rush as it was all last minute, their normal guy had broken down on the motorway, anyone on the roads that weekend knew how bad it was. Most of the act only got there in the last half hour before they were due to start. Still it was fun and nice to get to work in the Princess Theatre. The band in question was the UK’s The Rat Pack Tribute.

FoH Princess Theatre

The desk is a Soundcraft SiPerformer, second time I’ve used it as FoH engineer, I must say it’s growing on me.

The night went really well with no problems to speak of, which I was grateful for I must say. Not very often I get to do FoH these days. And for a band like the Rat Pack you don’t have much room for error. Also a big thank you to the staff at the Princess, they were incredibly helpful in enabling me to do my job. True professionals.