Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer of Work

So festival season came in and with the arrival of a big heatwave across the UK so came the arrival of a lot of work for yours truly. From a great hall with choirs from Chernobyl to rock festivals in aircraft hangers.

To top it all off there was a carnival week where on the final night I got to work as FoH engineer for the main music night. There were a lot of acts, from Rock to Acoustic Duos alongside choirs, we even had Bee Gees and Muse Tribute acts.

Teignmouth Carnival presented me with a chance to work the largest gig I’ve done FoH for on their last night Music Extravaganza. A day of music out side.

The desk is a SoundCraft SIPerfomer, a desk I’ve been using for a while now as a monitor engineer but not for FoH. So I made full use of it’s array of features. We were running a Cray Audio line array that certainly met the standards and far supposed them. All night I just wanted to push the system and see what it was capable of; but alas, due to environmental health breathing down my neck I couldn’t. (The lad was nice and all but it really does get in the way.)

Now it’s time for some downtime.

Migrated Hosts

So I had to migrate hosts recently, I think I’ve got everything across in one piece, although if you spot anything do let me know.

I would like to know where my links have gone though. Might have to find a plugin to do that then.