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One Last Killing Floor Project : Female Fleshpound

FFP Render

Here we go folks, I know I said I was moving onto other things and bringing the KF Modding to a close but there was one project I wanted to finish off as it had perked my interested. It started with this picture.

Female FleshPound

Concept Art of Female FleshPound – Hipnox

Posted in the Tripwire Interactive Forums by the user Hipnox. What really caught my attention though was it evolved past a concept art and into something more. More after the jump.

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BMAD Festival 2013

Woah, now with Uni out the way I’ve started working gigs again and the first one was BMAD 2013. BMAD or Bikers Make A Difference is a charity organisation that raises money for local charities such as : Sick and disabled children and their families/carers of Torbay, Devon Air Ambulance and St John Ambulance.

You can find the full details here.

Bands and their webpages after the jump.

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