Monthly Archives: August 2012

Video Intro

So here’s the final Video intro for some of my work. Complete with audio. I ended up changing the font and shortening the sequence by a couple of seconds. Given my limited amount of practice in AE I think I did rather well. What did you think?

Video Intro – Idea

So I’ve created a little intro for myself and videos I make that are not related to either the Wolf Pack Clan or ¬†Wildcard Production Studios. I don’t do much with Adobe After Effects so my first pass is a little shaky, when I’ve finished it I’ll upload it. Sound to follow.

Learning a little bit of Flash.

What better than to learn some new tricks for toys. Somewhat late to the party I know but better late then never right?

Well here’s my first attempt at doing anything with flash. PONG! Enjoy. =D

Get Adobe Flash player

To much time on my hands I think.