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Retrospect – Graphics for a Band

Why all the Graphics work? I was approached by a Devon based band by the name of Brace For A Fall who asked if I could digitise a picture that had been drawn for them and during the process clean it up. Not a major task.

The image was given to me on an A3 piece of tracing paper, already inked. I scanned the image into the computer and used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize (is that a word?) the image so that it could be resized with ease. After some clean up the image was ready to pass on.

The band were happy with the work.
I confirmed to myself that graphics work is not something I wish to go into as much fun as I have doodling and creating pieces for my own amusement. Having to ‘work’ is not fun. =P I’ll stick at the audio work I think.

Killing Floor : Dead Space – A Wolf Pack Clan Mod

Here is the final version of that video I previewed a couple of posts back. Video is a collection of footage from in game and 3D animated scenes in 3DSMax. Final editing was completed in Adobe Premier. It’s purpose is to promote a new mod the Wolf Pack Clan had created. It was also an effective way to prevent people passing off our work as their own.

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First ever audio recording can played back for the first time

Everybody knows that Thomas Edison came up with a way to play back recorded sound in 1877. But that does not mean that he was the first to record sound as well. A French scientist known as Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville actually did the first audio recording 17 years earlier through his invention known as the phonautogram.

Early this year Studio 360 broadcast piece on Scott de Martinville’s phonautograms and their induction onto the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry. Producer Ben Manilla has provided First Sounds with an extended cut of this piece which we prefer. My thanks to Ben and his staff at Ben Manilla Productions.

Listen to the here: Phonautogram

Thanks to Bobby Owsinski for the letting me know about it.

Sneak Preview at a Work In Progress

I’ve been working on a side project of late with some friends to create a Dead Space Killing Floor cross over. It’s as crazy as it sounds I assure you. To promote it a bit and show off some of the work I decided to do what I like best and start putting a video together. Here is a sneak peak at an early pass of the intro.

Retrospect – BMAD 2010

BMAD – Bikers Make A Difference is a charity run event in which there is a fair and bike show down in plymouth for a weekend.

Another Monitor and Crew job, some great bands and great atmosphere.

Fri 30th April 2010

FUNK 54 

Sat 1st MAY 2010

WINTER IN EDEN (Really Good Goth/Rock act)
LIVIN IN A VALVE STATE (These lads outdid themselves, get better every time I see them)

Sun 2nd MAY 2010

DISSONANCE – Last minute replacement : THE LUCKINS

Retrospect – Nerf Mod

For a costume a pistol that looked a bit different then a conventional pistol. I’d seen some toy pistols that would look the part if it were not for the colour of them. Easily rectified. The design brief was that it needed to be of a Steampunk image. Steampunk is a fantasy setting in which technology developed along the steam route as opposed to our reality in which electricity came to being. Google provided more than enough reference material.

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ProTools 10 – And it’s quirks

So I have finally gotten round to getting a hold of ProTools, I’ve been wanting it for I don’t know how long. Just to have fun and games getting it to work. Turns out the Pace License Support that comes bundled on the disk is incompatible (or at least has problems) with Win7. After much Google trawling I did however find this and I’ll share it here to help others should they come across it.

Error, missing iLok authorization for Pro Tools 10. Please insert the necessary iLok and restart Pro Tools. [430451]

Error when launching Pro Tools 10 on Windows 7…

Error, missing iLok authorization for “Pro Tools 10.”  Please insert the necessary iLok and restart Pro Tools.

– Verify that the iLok is seen in Windows Device Manager
– Verify that you can Sync/Update the iLok at
– Verify that you have already installed the iLok Driver.

If Pro Tools 10 still will not recognize the License on your iLok:

1) Uninstall the iLok Driver
2) Restart the computer
3) Download and install the appropriate file:
4) Install the iLok Driver
5) Launch Pro Tools 10
Worked first time… well technically second time.
Original Avid entry can be found here.
Now if you’ll excuse me. It’s time to go play with my new toy.

Business Card

A business card and letter head for none other than my father and his new business venture, the client being my father helped somewhat as it meant I had the client sat with me while I worked meaning that I did not have to prep multiple proofs from a brief. This was some simple Photoshop work as like father like son, my father prefers simple and elegant over flashy and gaudy.

This is the finished and approved business card, as per my client’s instructions. As I stated in my previous post about graphics work. I don’t think I could do this for a living but it is another skill I process and will always help to keep it in use.

Retrospect – Thunder MCC Festival

Due to things being a little quiet I thought I’d look back at some of the work I’ve done and show it off here. In my new section ‘retrospect’.

So during the weekend 16th-18th of July 2010 there was a festival at Powderham Castle, Exeter.

This particular event was a rather big step in the audio world for me as during this weekend I was 2nd and Main Monitor Engineer for the likes of

Oliver/Dawson SAXON
MONSTERS OF BRITISH ROCK (Ex members of Whitesnake/Thunder/Wishbone Ash)

Plus a good deal more. Long weekend of crewing and engineering but was fun, if a little wet to start with.